Friday, April 20, 2007

Utsira banned Yellow-browed Warbler controlled at Faeroe Islands

Interesting control of ringed bird at Utsira Birdstation. The rare Siberian vagrant was ringed at Utsira in Norway on the 5'th Oct - 06 and controlled 7 days later at Sunnari on Suduroy (south island) on Faeroe Islands on the 12'th Oct-06.
Detailed data on the bird on Stavanger Museum ring AN7680.: Click on snapshot text photo

Taigasångare - Yellow-browed from Suduroy on Faeroe Island with ring on the 7'th of Oct. 2006. Photo by Flickr friend laser-tomas

A paper by Steve Williams on the Yellow-browed Warbler in North West (2005) in Birding North West points out two other records of controlled Yellow-browed Warblers in Europe.

1. The known control from Hedemark in Norway to Fair Isle, Shetland on the 26th September 1990 (2004, Pennington & All, Birds of Shetland) The bird was trapped at Busta, Fair Isle and had been ringed five days earlier in Hedemark. This remains the only foreign-ringed Yellow-Browed Warbler controlled in Britain.

2. and another ringed at Portland on 21st October 1988 was re-trapped on Guernsey the very next day.

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