Wednesday, March 07, 2007

7'th March is the Crow Day - Kråkedag (in norw.)

Went out shooting a picture of me and some Hooded Crow. Just to remind us about the Crow's Day today! The Crows at Utsira are very special and intelligent. Naturally I'd to share my 'matpakke' with the Hooded today. Read more in my Flickr page.

The Crow has got a vital place in the Norwegian Folklore and old Weather-sign. Thus they are mystic, intelligent and always present. The old painters used the Crow as a sign of death. E.g as the Norwegian painter Th. Kittelsen Pesta motive.

An Utsira Crow who was partial melangistic and named 'white-wing' has become a main character in a Children Book 'Fabel Jakob' by Grete Randsborg Jenseg. The third book in the Fabel Jakob story is published today on the Crows Day! Fabel Jakob, havet og den lille melketanna

You can order the norwegian book here: Cappelen

Next Crow Day to watch out is the Crow's great 'Tingdag'. When the Crows are told to have their big meting, often in a huge tree. 12'th of March is St. Gregors Messe . On the 'primstav' an old calendar, there is a sign of a Dove. But in Norway this is misunderstood as a Crow! Thus there is a lot of signs and marks related on this day too.

Good luck with your publishing event today Grete.

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