Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Charles Darwin online

Far behind Charles Darwin in field-book writing? At least in interestingness!
I've produced regular field-books since 1977. Then as a twelve years old kid. My 30-35 field books scanned would had counted 9000 pages (4500 pages in 2 sides scan) . My golden Utsira Birding Years 1992-2007 would had involved 1600 scanned pages in my digital library!

Photos: Scanned field book from 7. may 2004 Bee-eater and Nightingale and 1'st September 1979 with my first Red-throated Pipit.

Also produced field notes on plant-analysis on trips in Southern Norway and a field-notebook on moths/butterflies. There are not so many words in Darwin's pages as mine fieldbooks ;-) . E. g. Galapagos - field notes. But WOW, how interesting it is reeding Darwin's fieldnotes 125 years after his death.

Thanks for the interesting Darwin links in Norwegian Birdlife.

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