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7'th March - Day of the Crows / Kråkedagen

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Congrats all you crows! Today is the day for shearing your 'matpakke' (Norwegian lunch - bread sleazes in a paper wrap). My way of celebrating.

The crow-day goes way back in Norway. Actually it's a Dowe marked on the 'primstav', an old calendar. Norwegians are more familiar with Crows, so... Any way, to day you must look how the Crow is behaving. It's said that the crows are attending the high mountains and that they are preparing the great Crow-gathering on the 12'th on St. Gregors day. Blogged Crow-Day 2007.

In Norwegian:
Markering av kråkedagen 2008. På den gamle primstaven var det markert en due rett før (7. Mars) St. Gregorsmesse dette ble tolket som en kråke i Norge, derav... Kråkedagen!
12. mars er den store kråketingdagen mens 7 mars er selve kråkedagen.
Blogget Kråkedagen 2007.
Kråkedagen 2008 og 2007

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