Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Opera a lot more than a web-reader

Snapshot of my opera-page in Opera-view. Opera involves more than just a web-reader it's a whole community. With own blogs, photo pages and so on. Download opera
I'm impressed but can't cut the wire to Mozilla Firefox yet.
Like and Dislikes:

It's fast and yesterdays pages are fast up and down in one click. Magic stick arranges all passwords. You get a free blog, free photopage, and a link out to other opera members. (moust people nowdays has a Blogger, Flicker, and/or a Google account - Operea can be all in one) , and it's a Norwegian product!

Cant' open my Google calendar and not so helpful in general in Google-society, such as picasa pictures direct to this Blogger blog. In Plone (my web-publisher) opera does not show my kupu-editor or the FCK editor in the older 2.1 plone version. But still it's very interesting. And probably first choice if I had a laptop?

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