Monday, March 26, 2007

Influx of Crows in childbooks

Writers of children books has understood it! Crow is an exiting bird and there are a lot of possibilities in personal characters in the Crow. A Swedish paper shows that 15 new children books are involving crows and only 2 or 3 books involves Sparrow or Ducks.
Fabel Jacob is a character from the Utsira crow project. The third book was published on 7'th March on the day of Crows. Keep on writing about the most interesting bird!

Kråkeinvasjon i Svenske barnebøker!

Sjekk opp denne spennende artikkelen fra Angelica Risberg i Svenska Dagbladet i dag. Et boksøk gav 15 treff på kråke kontra to - tre treff for Gråspurv eller Stokkand (and). Det Svenske barnebokmarkedet invaderes av nye kråkebøker! Barnebokforfatterene ser ut til å ha forstått hvor spennende fugl vår intelligente kråke er! ... og hvilket vell av muligheter i personlighetsregisteret som finnes å spinne på for de som vil fordype seg i en kråke kontra en spurv!
Utsira er også nevnt i form av Grete Randsborg Jenseg som nylig (november 2006) er lansert på det svenske markedet. Mye av inspirasjonen hennes er hentet fra kråkeprosjektet på Utsira. Tredje boken om Fabel Jakob ble lansert på selve kråkedagen i år!

Stå på Grete og dere andre kråkebok-forfattere!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Carl von Linnè - 300 years - an other hero online

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.An other great and older hero is soon celebrating 300 years. Carl August von Linnè is also online. The real grand man of taxa. The Scandinavian scientist most known as a botanist but also a number one in Nordic butterflies and moths. Every times I see a Twinflower Linnea borealis my thoughts goes to Carl August. His Lapland studies and his Norwegian disciples gave us a father person and the founder of Norwegian botanical heritage. Thus also worth wile a Norwegian celebration.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Charles Darwin online

Far behind Charles Darwin in field-book writing? At least in interestingness!
I've produced regular field-books since 1977. Then as a twelve years old kid. My 30-35 field books scanned would had counted 9000 pages (4500 pages in 2 sides scan) . My golden Utsira Birding Years 1992-2007 would had involved 1600 scanned pages in my digital library!

Photos: Scanned field book from 7. may 2004 Bee-eater and Nightingale and 1'st September 1979 with my first Red-throated Pipit.

Also produced field notes on plant-analysis on trips in Southern Norway and a field-notebook on moths/butterflies. There are not so many words in Darwin's pages as mine fieldbooks ;-) . E. g. Galapagos - field notes. But WOW, how interesting it is reeding Darwin's fieldnotes 125 years after his death.

Thanks for the interesting Darwin links in Norwegian Birdlife.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Added Snap today

Easier for you to find out whats behind the links. Snap tool tells you at once whats in the linked page. Get it here. Not so difficult in blogger. Go in to template and add the in the html immediately before 'left-arrow slash and head'. Snap is allso a fast search engine for pictures and webpages. You don't have to open all pages to find out what's you're looking for.

Not so easy to install in my Norwegian Opera blog. Any hint?

Snap links: my Picasa web my Utsira inhabitants web some of my feathers and a good feathers page.

And at last a great flashback tip GUIdebook from Eirik. Thanks for shearing! Remember my first work station a MS OS/2.30.1 shared with co worker in Utsira Municipal in 1992, my first DIR-trips in DOS, my fist SOSI formatted map at TDH in Bø in 1987 and so on (SOSI hasn't changed a lot since? compared with other stuff).

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

7'th March is the Crow Day - Kråkedag (in norw.)

Went out shooting a picture of me and some Hooded Crow. Just to remind us about the Crow's Day today! The Crows at Utsira are very special and intelligent. Naturally I'd to share my 'matpakke' with the Hooded today. Read more in my Flickr page.

The Crow has got a vital place in the Norwegian Folklore and old Weather-sign. Thus they are mystic, intelligent and always present. The old painters used the Crow as a sign of death. E.g as the Norwegian painter Th. Kittelsen Pesta motive.

An Utsira Crow who was partial melangistic and named 'white-wing' has become a main character in a Children Book 'Fabel Jakob' by Grete Randsborg Jenseg. The third book in the Fabel Jakob story is published today on the Crows Day! Fabel Jakob, havet og den lille melketanna

You can order the norwegian book here: Cappelen

Next Crow Day to watch out is the Crow's great 'Tingdag'. When the Crows are told to have their big meting, often in a huge tree. 12'th of March is St. Gregors Messe . On the 'primstav' an old calendar, there is a sign of a Dove. But in Norway this is misunderstood as a Crow! Thus there is a lot of signs and marks related on this day too.

Good luck with your publishing event today Grete.